HapLab Group

Welcome to the webpage of Haptics Laboratory Research Group at Kadir Has University!

We are interested in understanding the limits of human perception, improving the virtual interactions between humans and computers, and designing wearable, compelling robotic machines to function as input and output devices between the two. Our activities are divided into two main laboratories: Haptics Laboratory (Hap Lab) and Extended Interaction Technologies Laboratory (EXIT Lab).


Haptics – the sense of touch – enables humans to perform various exploration, manipulation, and communication tasks in the real world. The haptic perception can be created with (1) humans’ voluntary movements, (2) resistance against these movements, or (3) interactions on the skin. Haptic interaction is often necessary for performance, safety, and user acceptance during remote, virtual, or extended interactions.

Our research aims to advance robotic and human-machine systems capable of haptic interaction.

Extended Reality Interactions

Extended reality defines a broader range of combinations between all–real and all-virtual components. Between all–real and all–virtual environments, the literature has introduced three common reality types: virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. The realities differ in terms of the existence of real components and the ability of users to interact with and/or manipulate the visualized virtual components.

Our research aims to advance the user experience and performance during any virtual interaction.